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How can we help you? If you're looking to launch an ICO, take your blockchain or tech company beyond your beta stage - we can help you make that happen. From boutique branding to digital marketing, our team of entrepreneurs, industry professionals, & blockchain experts have executed branding and marketing for ICOs, tech startups, and Fortune 500 companies alike. If you want applicable expertise and real world results - review our services and reach out below.

How should you structure your ICO? What about your blockchain, tech or eCommerce company? Why, how, and what you need to do comes from insightful experience - that our team of entrepreneurs, specialists, and investors will share with you.

With tech and blockchain being a very noisy space, it's critical you have the right strategy to cut through the noise. Leverage our Strategic Marketing services to help you understand both how you should execute, and what to execute on - so you can avoid the pitfalls and rise above the noise.

Your brand speaks volumes about you. What is your brand really saying? We help design, engineer and synchronize your brand across all forms of media and digital properties - ensuring your message is clear, and your brand stands apart from the rest.

Need a whitepaper? Need edits done? Don't have the strategies or team in place to create engageing evergreen content for your ICO or technology company? We can help. From written articles to whitepapers, video, animations, or podcasts and more - if it's custom content you've been looking for, our experienced team is in place to help create it for you.

Have a specific ICO date? Need to scale your business or launch a new development? We listen to your needs and execute your marketing to deliver results. We can be your marketing execution team - or simply assist what you're doing. In either case speed is critical, and we're ready to launch when you are.

We also offer: PR Services and Bounty Campaign Management. Our goal is to help blockchain, tech and eCommerce companies get beyond their beta phase. Want to discuss a project? Have an idea in mind? Looking for a marketing serivce that's not listed above (hey, we couldn't list them all right?). Connect with us and we'll share our insights and let you know how we can help. In the rare case we can't - we'll help point you in the right direction.

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The ICO Checklist

Find out how the top ICOs have launched their tokens. A comprehensive analysis of top ICOs combined with our own experience and the checklists we use, you'll find this helps keep your launch on track - and gives you insights you might not have otherwise considered.

The ICO Marketing Course

Looking to venture out on your own and bootstrap your ICO? For brands who have a viable, real product and a great team in place, this will help give you an overview of what's needed to succeed - and help prep you for takeoff.

Other Courses / Papers / Checklists

We're working on other courses, papers and checklists so you can succeed with your blockchain, tech or eCommerce company. Have ideas? Want to see a specific course? Send us a message - we'd love to hear about it.

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"Can't thank them enough. They executed on marketing and PR for us, and helped secure 100's of thousands in pre-funding. We couldn't have done it without them."

- Ron Klipstein, Lead Investor, ZeroSum

"In short - their insights, advisory, and strategic advice is AWESOME. We avoided spending 10s of thousands of dollars and ended up drastically refining our strategy."

- Sash Topchi, Founder, Plentix


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